What does a Full-Service Wedding Planner Do, Exactly and why I really need them?

You have dreamt of your dream wedding since a little girl, how you’d like to feel and what it should look like. But then the reality of balancing your job and wedding planning becomes difficult. 

As a professional,  your life is sometimes hectic and you realize that you don’t have time to plan your own wedding or maybe you’re a bride that has no idea where to start. 

Choosing your wedding planner is the first important step in your journey to the aisle. As well as, your dream wedding is a financial commitment that deserves the careful planning and detailed consideration before making that investment.

As you look to your big day, consider why the money spent on hiring your wedding planner is truly worth this investment.

By understanding what a full-service wedding planner does, how they compare to partial or “day of” wedding coordinators, and the immense benefits of investing in a design, planning, and production team you can be confident in your decision to hire a full-service wedding planner.

So, what does a Full-Service Wedding Planner Do, Exactly❓

A Full-Service Wedding Planner is a professional consultant that plays an important role in  one of your most important times in your life.

We are invested in your wedding from the start in these ways:

1. A full-service wedding planner manages your financial investment.

We help you develop your budget, manage your payment schedule, and protect your investment.

We also review vendor contracts and the fine print to ensure expectations are understood and covered.  

2. A full-service wedding planner provides expert advice.

We provide advice from your wedding style, to menu and song selection, we ensure your celebration is timeless, memorable and worriless for you, your family, and your guests.

3. A full-service wedding planner develops a stress-free plan.

Beyond your wedding design, a full-service planner is responsible for managing the wedding planning process from start to finish. This includes developing the schedules of everything from invitation production to vendor load in and out times to overseeing set up and break down of your celebration.

As your big day gets closer, we work with our team to iron out last-minute details, identifying pitfalls to avoid or prepare for unexpected circumstances.

4. A full-service wedding planner is focused on your vision and executes your wedding day to perfection.

Unlike other vendors who may have more than one wedding in a day or weekend, a full-service wedding planner will be solely focused on you and your vision to ensure that everything goes according to your unique plan.

When an issue arises, a full-service wedding planner’s complete responsibility is to troubleshoot and provide solutions so that you can remain in the moment and focused on enjoying your day.

After months of planning, design, and production discussions, your wedding is the culmination of all the thought and attention you’ve put into your dream day. 

Therefore in essence a flawless wedding day experience comes down to your partnership with a full-service wedding planner.

At Worriless Wedding and Events,  we specialize in full service event planning that helps busy couples and professionals plan timeless, memorable and worriless celebrations without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out. 

We would love to chat with you,  claim your free 15 minute discovery call with us to get started today!

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