3 Steps to Determining your Wedding Budget

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This is a question that I have seen most couples not prepared to answer.

Yes believe it or not you’ll be asked this question as you engage with each vendor for your wedding.

So I have decided to help you with the first step which is determining your overall wedding budget.

Here’s 3 simple steps:

1. Determine who’s contributing

Find out who’s eager to contribute to your wedding by ascertaining how much each party is willing to spend and what particular aspect they would like to take care of.

2. Determine how much you and your fiancé can comfortably afford to spend

Based on your monthly income, ask yourself how much you both can reasonably save between now and your wedding. Also how much you can utilize from your existing savings to contribute to your wedding.

3. Add steps above

When this is down, estimate your personal wedding budget based on your answers above. Then add any other financial contributions that you’re confident coming your way in step 1.

There you have it, your overall budget!!!!!

Like this, we guide our clients through their budget as one of the most important steps and develop a budget breakdown so that they can confidentiality and realistically communicate their budget to vendors.

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