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In case you don’t know who I am,  I am Natalie Orr, CEO and Full Service Event Planner. I have been involved in the financial industry for over 10 years with qualifications that include a BSc Hons in accounting and finance, alongside a finance specialization MBA. In addition, holding numerous event management, wedding planning, and event decoration certificates.

Back Story

I always like to ask our clients their story, so it’s my turn to share my story with you and how I got into event planning and form Worriless Wedding and Events.

Prior to starting this business,  I’ve been involved in groups at church and at my job which entailed some sort of event planning.
Friends and family started seeking my advice and asked for assistance when it came to planning their special events such as weddings and birthday parties. I realized that planning an event was a challenge for them and I have developed a skill and that felt natural as I knew what needed to get done. 

It wasn’t until I planned my mom’s 60th birthday party, the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction came to me and from all in attendance. This was when I realized I developed a passion and began dreaming of owning my event planning business.
I also dreamt of wanting to serve others, in particular the busy couples and professionals who I knew with a busy lifestyle would love their dream wedding or celebration without the hassle of doing it themselves. 

This is why I founded Worriless Wedding and Events. Through my expertise in finance, experience, passion, skills and abilities, we specialize in full service event planning helping busy couples and professionals plan timeless, memorable and worriless celebrations without feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. 

Our signature full event planning experience provides you with complete Production, Planning, Management, and Coordination of your celebration. ⁣

So if you’re ready to begin your worriless experience, book your 15 minute free discovery call with us.

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