Invitations are the first impression guests will have of your celebration. As part of what creates the first impression is a beautifully written address which makes the invitation envelope stand out.

We explain the etiquette in addressing your wedding invitations in our Do It Yourself Wedding Guide.

Here are our top three (3) points:

  • Spell out street, avenue, corner, etc, and use numerals in the addresses. Mr. and Mrs. should be abbreviated, but “Doctor” is spelled out.
  • The names of married couples belong on the same line. Unmarried couples’ names go on separate lines, with the name of the person you know first. If you know both, put the woman’s name first. Do not use symbols such as “&”. Instead, spell it out.
  • If you would like to invite children, include their individual names below the names of their parents. The phrase “and family” is not the best phrase to use. Older children should receive their own invitations.

For more tips, guidelines, and templates, we invite you to purchase  your Do It Yourself Wedding Guide.

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