What’s the difference!?- Event Manager vs Event Planner vs Event Coordinator

A common misconception events professional’s encounter is the assumption that everyone in the industry is a “coordinator” – not true?

While there is a great deal of coordination involved in producing an event, we’d like to clarify the differences between an Event Manager, Event Planner and Event Coordinator. They can sometimes be used interchangeably but the responsibilities and capabilities are significantly different and worth understanding so you know what you’re in when looking for someone to plan your event.


- Works both before and after the event.

- Oversees and manages the event.

- Makes the event happen from the overview created by the event planner.

- Executes the event plan.


- Works with the client for a customized experience.

- Creates an event plan.

- Plans every aspect of the event.

- Bulk of their work happens before the event.

- Focus on event design, layout, decor, and service providers and suppliers.


- Is the execution specialist.

- Does not get involved in the design of the event.

- Takes charge of managing individual components.

- Ensures the event goes smoothly.

Event Pro Tip: It is best to have the same person planning your event, coordinating and managing it as well. This is easier when communicating with your service providers or suppliers.

The good news is that our packages are specifically curated for these types above. 

If you found this blog was helpful, let us know in the comments then claim your complimentary consultation to determine which is solution is right for you!

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